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28 days --- 56 ways to be Young, Gifted and Black: Mimi Borders

How do you spend your days?

I love days that give me room to breathe and reflect. Typically, I am really busy with school work, research and extra-curricular activities. But this semester I am studying at the University of Ghana and I have more flexibility and control over my time. I do mindfulness meditations in the morning, yoga, write and daydream. Daydreaming is one of my favorite things to do - and it doesn't always have to be a solitary activity. I love dreaming out loud with my friends talking about how we want (WILL) to change the world, the places we will travel, the books we will write, how we will liberate ourselves and our communities. I drink a lot of water during the day and usually get sad at some point thinking about what is currently happening in the USA but I try and write myself out of the dark cloud. 

What brings you joy? 

My family is profoundly incredible. My parents are compassionate, emotionally intelligent people that always have uplifted and celebrated my uniqueness. My sister is my soulmate and backbone. My grandmother is my role model and her voice will immediately fill my heart with joy to the brim. My aunts and cousins are beautiful, complex wonderful humans that are always amazing and inspiring me. Watching my friends grow and succeed gives me joy. Good poetry feeds my soul. Also nature really reminds me of the spiritual aspects of our world and makes me marvel at the world. The fact that God created this wonderful world full of miracles and also little ole me brings me so much joy. 

What is liberation to you? 

Recently I yelled under a waterfall in Ghana and it was the most free I have felt in my whole life. Liberation is when my ancestors, the ghosts in my head, are at peace. When I live according to my purpose not society's expectations for a smart black girl. When black people are free to live in all of our nuances, complexities, loudness , whispers and laughter.


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Breathing in Pesach

(Illustration by Sarah Quinter)

Tomorrow, when Pesach begins, we will tell the exodus story. To be sure, there are many reasons we engage in this ritual. It is one that is rich with drama, curiosity, family interaction and revelry. It is also fraught with myths about how it got started and the many traditions that have  developed over the years.

However, we are commanded to take our time, lean back in our chairs, eat and drink heartily, yet, there is so much pain, sadness and death all around us. It seems increasingly harder each year to step away from what is happening and breathe a little. But that is what we are supposed to do --- breathe.



Breathe into the notion that there is freedom on the other side of this reality we are living in right now.

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Full Stop.

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28 days --- 56 ways to be Young, Gifted and Black: Ayumahani Sigu

How do you spend your days?

Taking time to jot down my dreams, hopes and fears. Accepting what comes and goes. Collecting sounds. Feeling the ground, the winds, the moon and the suns. Cherishing my loved ones. Preparing to complete my undergraduate program in the late spring. Affirming my black life’s existence and legacy/heritage as eternal. Thinking about collective black struggle. Re-reading the story black creation.
What brings you Joy? 
The possibilities of love-making-documenting-creating-remembering. The genealogy of black love and knowing that I was made in/by/through love. Skating with cousins. Dancing with my cousins. Learning about my ancestor’s technologies of communication. 
What is Liberation to You? 
Liberation is love being made possible and infinite. I know that love isn’t a utopian conception or idea. But Maya once said that: “Love liberates.” And when I heard that I felt that. For more than 1500 years, black bodies/communities have been the subject of desire, speculat…

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